1531. Versatile

A. Clever
B. Shrewd
C. Of man-Sided ability *
D. expert

1532. Vested Interests

A. Expected to benefit from something *
B. Share in some investment
C. Illegal operation
D. Common Interest

1533. Vibrant

A. Shaky
B. Angry
C. Vigorous *
D. Ever Changing

1534. Vicious

A. Dangerous
B. Of Virtues
C. Wicked *
D. Deceiving

1535. Vigilant

A. Active
B. Aware
C. Watchful *
D. Cautious

1536. Vindictive

A. Revengeful *
B. Triumphant
C. Strategic
D. Demonstrative

1537. Virtue

A. Justice
B. Rightness *
C. Respect
D. Fate

1538. Void

A. Hazy
B. Chaos
C. Emptiness *
D. Confusion

1539. Vulcanize

A. To strengthen rubber *
B. Erupt
C. To Interlink
D. Roll hot metal into a rubber sheet

1540. Waggle

A. To bicker
B. argue about price
C. Wobble *
D. Betting