121. Antonym of Torture is__________?

A. Third Degree
B. Twinge
C. Peace
D. Stick

122. Nafeesa is afraid ___________spiders?

A. from
B. in
C. about
D. of

123. He is good ______ Football.

A. At
B. Of
C. With
D. In

124. She is jealous _______ my friend?

A. From
B. With
C. Of
D. By

125. Synonym of Nostalgia is ____________?

A. Reminiscence
B. Apathy
C. Homesickness
D. Wistfulness

126. The Sun_________From Behinds The Clouds.

A. Immerse
B. Emerged 
C. Imerged
D. None Of These

127. The Synonym of Abstemious is___________?

A. Diligent
B. Confused
C. Moderate
D. None of these

128. The Synonym of Abreast is________?

A. Smart
B. Informed
C. Opposite
D. None of these

129. The words in these books will be of value_________ you.

A. To
B. For
C. On
D. None of these

130. The food is very good_______that restaurant.

A. at
B. of
C. in
D. with

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