3111. Are the roads being ________ for the first time today ?

A. Spark
B. Sprinkled *
C. Neither
D. Worked

3112. Penguins are highly specialized at survival tactics , they may live ________ twenty years.

A. Before
B. Since
C. For *
D. From

3113. Contrary to common belief , it is usually __lava but gas that kills people during volcanic eruptions

A. Not only
B. Not *
C. Neither
D. No

3114. A good team __________ of the players working together to perform attt their best :

A. Is a result *
B. It is a result
C. Resulting
D. Result in

3115. Unfortunately for us, our train moved off _____________.

A. Just as we are approaching the platform
B. Just as we have approached the paltform
C. Just as we have been approaching the platform
D. Just as we were approaching the platform *

3116. According to the rules of communication, after the message leaves the sender, he _________ controls it:

A. No longer
B. None longer
C. Longer doesn’t
D. No longer *

3117. Every radio isotope produced artificially _______ its own distinct structure:

A. Have
B. Has *
C. Having
D. Have Had

3118. An old bookshop that sells used textbooks stocks ______ along with the new ones on the shelf under the course title :

A. Its
B. Their
C. A
D. Them *

3119. The horse Reared and the Rider ________________ thrown:

A. Was *
B. Were
C. Has
D. Is

3120. Yesterday I saw a garden where ___________:

A. I want to sit amongst the flowers
B. I wanted to sit amongst the flowers *
C. I will be wanting to sit amongst the flowers
D. I will want to sit amongst the flowers