581. It is already 8 o’clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?
A. have it in
B. have enough
C. make it in
D. made it

582. _________she is clever, she often makes mistakes.
A. Despite
B. Since
C. Although
D. Yet

583. It is certain that human beings _______________latent power of which they are only vaguely aware.
A. exhibit
B. possess
C. impose
D. knowledge

584. ____________your instruction, we have closed your bank account.
A. In lieu
B. With regard to
C. In accordance with
D. On account of

585. He tends to___________to any suggestion I make in meetings.
A. differ
B. agree
C. accept
D. cooperate

586. My younger sister constantly misbehaves and is always causing ___________.
A. hostility
B. violence
C. mischief
D. courtesy

587. If you had followed the rules, you ____________disqualified.
A. will not be
B. would not be
C. will not have been
D. would not have been

588. The _________were arrested for illegally hunting the bears.
A. poachers
B. rangers
C. soldiers
D. villagers

589. ________you leave now, you will be late.
A. Until
B. Till
C. Unless
D. Although

590. The man ___________down the road is my brother.
A. hurry
B. hurried
C. to hurry
D. hurrying