941. To make clean breast of means
A. To gain prominence
B. To praise oneself
C. To destroy before it blooms
D. To confess without of reserves

942. Synonym of ” Undergo ” is _____________?
A. Lambast
B. Theive
C. Lay to rest
D. Experience
E. Proclaim

943. Antonym of ” Dismantle ” is _____________?
A. Vie
B. Raze
C. Outclass
D. Level
E. Build

944. Synonym of ” Assailant ” is _____________?
A. Jubilant
B. Turncoat
C. Assaulter
D. Reticent
E. Cop

945. Antonym of ” Provoke ” is _____________?
A. Arouse
B. Induce
C. Evoke
D. Allay

946. John appeared settled ______ the crease?
A. on
B. at
C. in
D. none

947. Synonym of ” Sagacious ” is _____________?
A. Spendthrift
B. Dumb
C. Wise
D. Furious
E. Alert

948. Antonym of ” Incur ” is ____________?
A. Attract
B. Invite
C. Earn
D. Avoid

949. Synonym of ” Plunder ” is _____________?
A. Loot
B. Blush
C. Expedite
D. Ease
E. Contradict

950. When she was younger, she __________ five kilometers a day.
A. walked
B. had walked
C. has been walking
D. had been walking