1461. Rout

A. Passage
B. Withdraw
C. Defeat *
D. Miscarriage

1462. Rowdy

A. Rough and disorderly *
B. Mismanaged
C. Systematic Person
D. Late

1463. Rukus

A. Flat Piece of wood.
B. Assortment
C. Rough and tough
D. Uproar *

1464. Rueful

A. Depressed
B. Sensitive
C. Regretful *
D. Romantic

1465. Sagacity

A. Satire
B. Foolishness
C. Prudence *
D. Romantic

1466. Salvation

A. Reclamation *
B. Loss
C. Reverence
D. Reparation

1467. Satiated

A. Craving
B. Thirsty
C. Satisfied *
D. Sufficient

1468. Scenario

A. Landscape
B. Imagined sequence of future events *
C. Beautiful scene
D. Symphony

1469. Sceptical

A. Dubious *
B Naive
C. Convinced
D Startled

1470. Scourage

A. To disfigure
B. Overlook
C. Whip *
D. Careless