Words Followed by appropriate preposition

2261. I tried to raise objection______ the situation, but it was no good.

A. to *
B. in
C. for
D. over

2262. He rank _____ one of the most remarkable president of our time.

A. with
B. as *
C. on
D. at

2263. Mr latif rattled ______a list that seemed to contain everyone of any celebrity.

A. in
B. on
C. off *
D. to

2264. I found his company unbearable. He could rattle ___ for hours about absolutely nothing at all.

A. on *
B. off
C. in
D. with

2265. I am afraid he can not be reasoned _____making a public protest.

A. to
B. into *
C. for
D. out

2266. Investment in this area is reckoned_______ money poured down the drain.

A. as *
B. for
C. with
D. into

2267. When you submit your claim, dont forget to reckon____ the money spent on petrol.

A. on
B. in *
C. over
D. into

2268. Water can be reduced _______oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis.

A. to *
B. from
C. on
D. out

2269. The minister referred ______ the importance to the nation of increased exports.

A. in
B. to *
C. with
D. onto

2270. I wish he would refrain _________scattering his ash all over the carpet.

A. in
B. into
C. to
D. from *