Fill in the Blanks

3201. Multan________ a very dry climate :

A. Has *
B. Have
C. Being
D. With

3202. Perhaps the most effective way of storing information is learning _______ it :

A. How repeat
B. To repeat *
C. Repeating
D. Repeat

3203. Due to thicker outer layers of the moon, we would require more advanced equipment in order to investigate the layers :

A. Beneath them *
B. Beneath their
C. Beneath is
D. Beneath they

3204. Danish finished __________ two of his published books well before his twentieth birthday :

A. Written
B. Write
C. To Write
D. Writing *

3205. Many of the contractors insist on ____ materials native to the region that will be easy to procure :

A. Use
B. To Use
C. The use
D. Using *

3206. Before the Mughals ______ to sub-continent , the Rajputs had lived there :

A. Coming
B. Come
C. Came *
D. Did Come

3207. By the Time John was one year old, he was, without any help____ sit up or even stand up:

A. To be able to *
B. Able to
C. To be able
D. Be able to

3208. The public at large ________ massive quantities of cell phone now, because prices are begining to decrease :

A. Must buy
B. Mush have bought
C. Must be buying*
D. Must buying

3209. ________ is an ancient source of energy :

A. The water
B. Waters
C. Water *
D. A water

3210. To check for the pH value of solution, one had better _______ litmus paper:

A. Use *
B. Using
C. To use
D. Useful