801. Person who does not believe in the existence of God:
A. Theist
B. Heretic
C. Atheist
D. Fanatic

802. Commencement of words with the same letter:
A. Pun
B. Alliteration
C. Transferred epithet
D. Oxymoron

803. A hater of knowledge and learning:
A. Bibliophile
B. Philologist
C. Misogynist
D. Misologist

804. One who abandons his religious faith:
A. Apostate
B. Prostate
C. Profane
D. Agnostic

805. A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation:
A. Sceptic
B. Ascetic
C. Devotee
D. Antiquarian

806. Beowulf is an Old English epic poem consisting of __________ alliterative lines.
A. 3,182
B. 4,182
C. 5,182
D. 6,182

807. The earliest surviving work in English Literature is ___________?
A. The Grave
B. Cædmon’s Hymn
C. Peterborough Chronicle
D. Beowulf

808. Earth is closest to the sun every year in early ______________, when it’s winter for the Northern Hemisphere. We’re farthest away from the sun in early __________________, during our Northern Hemisphere summer.
A. January – July
B. June – December
C. July – January
D. December – June

809. I _____ an old friend in Empress market this morning.
A. came around
B. came round
C. came across
D. came with

810. Nothing must be allowed to _____ our search for the truth.
A. interfered into
B. interfered from
C. interfered upon
D. interfered with