2831. She was recieved by her friends open arms

A. Indifferently
B. Warmly *
C. Casually
D. Coldly

2832. Kamal was left high and dry by this friends when he lost all his money.

A. Isolated
B. Rejected *
C. Wounded
D. Depressed

2833. This report calls in question all previous research on the subject.

A. Recalls
B. Criticises
C. Challenges *
D. Take note of

2834. I am sure he means business

A. Is earnest *
B. Is inquistive
C. Is a trader
D. Is anxious to make profit

2835. I just paid him a left-handed compliment.

A. An honest
B. A well deserved
C. An insincere *
D. A flattering

2836. Once in a while he might gamble a little.

A. Frequently
B. Continually
C. Seldom
D. Occasionally *

2837. I stood my ground in spite of many pressures.

A. Remained firm *
B. Was obstinate
C. Was prejudiced
D. Felt shaky

2838. The train was late and we had to kick our heel.s

A. Run fast
B. Wait eagerly
C. Waste time *
D. Play some game

2839. The party stalwarts have advised the president to take it lying down for a while.

A. To show no reaction *
B. To take rest
C. To be on the defensive
D. To be cautious

2840. His hard-earned money has gone down the drain.

A. Has been wasted *
B. Has been spent
C. Has been collected
D. Has been looted