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Verbal/English MCQS and Quiz Test for Preparation

1Fill in the blanks McqsFill in the blanks Quiz
2Related Pair of Words McqsRelated Pair of Words Quiz
3Synonyms McqsSynonyms Quiz
4Antonyms McqsAntonyms Quiz
5One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
6One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
7Active and Passive Voice McqsActive and Passive Voice Quiz
8Prepositions McqsPrepositions Quiz
9Analytical Reasoning McqsAnalytical Reasoning Quiz
10Read the Passage McqsRead the Passage Quiz

31. Antonym of “QUOTIDIAN” is_________?

A. Extraordinary 
B. Certain
C. Wishful
D. Premature

32. What is the synonyms for STRICTURE?

A. Strictness
B. Stinging
C. Censure
D. Discipline

33. Are they playing match against them?

A. Is a match being played against our team by them?
B. Is a match be played against our team by them?
C. Is a match played against our team by them?
D. Is a match been played against our team by them?

34. The idiomatic phrase “Spick and Span” means?

A. Wisdome and foresight
B. Watch the weather
C. spotlessly clean
D. Deceive somebody

35. You must obey your parents.

A. Your parents must obeyed by you.
B. Your parents must been obeyed by you.
C. Your parents must be obeyed by you.
D. Your parents must being obeyed by you

36. Synonym of Contaminate is _____________

A. Purify
B. Debase
C. Clean
D. Arrange

37. Did you visit a zoo?

A. Was a zoo being visited by you?
B. Was a zoo be visited by you?
C. Was a zoo been visited by you?
D. Was a zoo visited by you?

38. Have you taken a rest?

A. Have a rest been taken by you?
B. Have a rest taken by you.
C. Had a rest taken by you?
D۔ Have a rest be take by you?

39. Why does an officer neglect duties?

A. Why the duties neglected by an officer?
B. Why are the duties neglected by an officer?
C. Why is the duties neglected by an officer?
D. Why are the duties neglect by an officer.

40. She will invite me.

A. I shall be invited by her.
B. I will invited by her.
C. I shall being invited by her.
D. I will been invited by her.