761. This matter has been “hanging fire” for the last many days. It should be sorted out.
A. going on slowly
B. hotly debated
C. stuck up
D. ignored

762. The boxing match proved to be a “big draw”.
A. a keen contest
B. a huge attraction
C. a lovely spectacle
D. a game without any result

763. Synonym of Chastity________?
A. To abstain from sexual relation
B. To engulf in sexual relation
C. To whip someone
D. To infertile someone

764. Synonym of Trail_________?
A. To chase
B. To fix
C. To divert
D. To disturb

765. Synonym of Canny_____________?
A. Clever
B. thin
C. Fast
D. Slow

766. Synonym of Prolix______________?
A. To Promote
B. To Prolong
C. To proactive
D. To Provide

767. Synonym of Wheedle ___________________?
A. Fast
B. Cajole
C. Waive
D. Slander

768. Synonym of Bonhomie______________?
A. Affability
B. Big
C. Turbulent
D. Grope

769. Synonym of Scrumptious _____________?
A. Tasty
B. Old
C. Filthy
D. Bumpy

770. Synonym of TRITE_____________?
A. Minor
B. Sad
C. Commonplace
D. Swindler