411. Antonym of SARTORIAL is _____________?
A. Homespun
B. Cheerful
C. Inelegant
D. Sincere

412. Antonym of PIQUE is _____________?
A. Hurt
B. Irk
C. Joy
D. Huff

413. Antonym of GUMPTION is _____________?
A. Apathy
B. Nerve
C. Initiative
D. Sagacity

414. Antonym of RECONDITE is_____________?
A. Hermetic
B. Manifest
C. Pedantic
D. Occult

415. Antonym of ENORMOUS is_____________?
A. Fragile
B. Weak
C. Tiny
D. Soft

416. Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is ______________?
A. Red
B. Solid
C. Truthful
D. Natural

417. Antonym of EXPAND is _____________?
A. Congest
B. Conclude
C. Convert
D. Condense

418. Synonym of ALERT is _____________?
A. Intelligent
B. Energetic
C. Observant
D. Watchful

419. Synonym of ARROGANT is _____________?
A. Conceited
B. Humble
C. Progressive
D. Noble

420.  The word “fodder” is closest in meaning to
A. material
B. stories
C. support
D. problems