2701. Tall order

A. Simple
B. Difficult
C. Customary
D. Too much *

2702. To fight to the bitter end

A. To fight with poison -tipped arrows
B. To fight to the last point of enemy position
C. To die fighting
D. To carry on a contest regardless of consquences *

2703. To give a false colouring

A. To misrepresent *
B. To submit teh false report
C. To be dishonest
D. To Conceal the facts

2704. A red letter day

A. An important day
B. An auspicious day
C. A dangerous day
D. An unimportant day *

2705. Queer somebody’s pitch

A. Upset one’s plan *
B. Reprimand him
C. Check him
D. Work him up

2706. To make the grade

A. To fail in a task
B. To get good marks in an examination
C. To come out successfull *
D. To make good one’s previous loss

2707. To be up and doing

A. To recover from illness
B. To be actively engaged *
C. To progress satisfactorily
D. To be expressive and explicit

2708. To see eye to eye.

A. To agree *
B. To stare fixedly
C. To be angry
D. To take revenge

2709. A jaundiced eye

A. Jealousy
B. A generous view
C. Angry
D. Predjudice *

2710. To see red

A. To be very angry
B. To victimise someone
C. To find fault with *
D. To criticize others