3041. Although we of often use “mass” and ” weight” interchangeable, in a technical sense ,” mass” is not always ___” weight”:

A. Alike
B. The same as *
C. Similar
D. As

3042. It is the duty of all humans to love their ______ ones .

A. Near and clear
B. Near and dear *
C. According to
D. Man’s love

3043. The GRE examination _________ by the year 2015.

A. Completely revised
B. Is revised completely
C. Is to be revised completely *
D. Completely is to revise

3044. Fire-resistant materials are used to retard ______ of modern trains in case of an accident :

A. A damage to the passenger cabin
B. That damages to the passenger cabin
C. Damage to the passenger cabin *
D. Passenger cabin’s damages

3045. It is possible for business partner to sell mutually owned property without consulting ______ unless they have agreed to a separate contract :

A. Other
B. Other one
C. On the other
D. Each other *

3046. It is highly recommended by many psychologists ______ to associate words and remember names :

A. That a learner uses mental images
B. A learner to use mental images
C. Mental images are used
D. That the student employ mental images *

3047. When an athlete sustains an injury to the _____ leg, physiotherapists recommend applying ice right away.

A. Its
B. An
C. Their
D. His *

3048. Simon david , a leading human resource manager , states that an MBA degree is good preparation for a career in :

A. A business
B. Business *
C. Businesses
D. One business

3049. ______ is not a novel concept:

A. The planning of roads *
B. Roads to plan them
C. Plan roads
D. To plan of roads

3050. The latest estimates by some botanists state that there are _________ of plants :

A. Seven thousand type
B. Seven thousand types *
C. Type of seven thousand
D. Types seven thousand