651. Synonym of ABATE is _____________?
A. Postpone
B. Abandon
C. Diminish
D. Increase

652. The idiom Hobson’s choice means________?
A. The choice of teachers
B. Given choice
C. No choice at all
D. Choice to live or die

653. The Master was annoyed_________the servant.
A. To
B. With
C. On
D. Upon

654. Although he was a hardened criminal, his one__________feature was his love of children
A. Saving
B. Recovering
C. Redeeming
D. Acquiring

655. I never miss a football match.I __________ fond of it since my childhood.
A. Am
B. Have been
C. Has been
D. Will be

656. The antonym of Mammoth is___________?
A. Big
B. Giant
C. Small
D. Low

657. The Synonym of Puerile is______________?
A. Mature
B. Immature
C. purity
D. power

658. The Synonyms of CONDONE is__________?
A. Accept
B. Acceptable
C. Condomn
D. Condemn

659. The Synonym of ‘snollygoster’ is_________?
A. Unprincipled politician
B. Sneak
C. Garrulous
D. None of above

660. The Synonym of Farrago is_____________?
A. Fear of strangers
B. A confused mixture
C. Free of cost
D. Synopsis