2771. She rejected his proposal of marriage point blank.

A. Directly
B. Pointedly *
C. Abruptly
D. Briefly

2772. Do not stick your neck out.

A. Interfere
B. Look outside
C. Invite trouble unnecessarily *
D. Move

2773. The Aroma from the kitchen makes my mouth water.

A. Makes me sick
B. Makes me giddy
C. Makes me vomit
D. Stimulates my appetite *

2774. We should guard against our green-eye friends.

A. Beautiful view
B. General view *
C. Narrow view
D. Ugly view

2775. I won’t mind even if he goes to dogs.

A. Goes mad
B. Is insulted
C. Is ruined *
D. Becomes busted

2776. It is difficult to keep a level head in these days of mounting prices.

A. remain cool and composed *
B. eke out existence
C. Make both ends meet
D. maintain standard of living

2777. The doctor says the patient has turned the corner.

A. Completely recovered
B. Become worse
C. Passed the crises *
D. Died

2778. Things are progressing well- Dont do anything to rock the boat.

A. Create difficulties
B. Conspire against
C. Upset the balance *
D. Agitate against

2779. It goes to his heart to see so much misery.

A. Influence him
B. Touches him deeply *
C. Makes him yield
D. Annoys him

2780. Akram fought tooth and nail to save his company.

A. With weapons
B. as best as he could
C. using unfair means
D. with strength and fury *