2811. You cannot throw dust into my eyes .

A. Hurt me
B. Abuse me
C. Terrify me
D. Cheat me *

2812. There was opposition to the new policy by the rank and file of the government.

A. The majority
B. The ordinary members *
C. The cabinet members
D. The official machinery

2813. The company has been handed over to new masters lock,stock and barre!

A. Financially
B. Partially
C. Completely *
D. Administratively

2814. Dowry is a burning question of the day.

A. A relevant problem
B. A dying issue
C. An irrelevant problem
D. A widely debated issue *

2815. You must not mince matters, tell the truth.

A. Cut short
B. Keep secret *
C. Tell with frankness
D. Not to tell the whole truth

2816. The sailor found himself between the devil and the deep sea.

A. lost in the deep ocean
B. Facing two challenges
C. Facing two equally bad alternatives *
D. Confronting two oppotunities

2817. The Hero of Naipaul’s novel A house for biswas like modern young men wishes to paddle his own canoe.

A. Lead and independent life
B. Depend on himself *
C. Make the best of his life
D. Have his own means of livelihood.

2818. I am afraid the two brother are at cross purposes.

A. Quarrel with each other
B. Dislike each other
C. Are working against each other.
D. Are misunderstanding each other. *

2819. Our school is within a stone’s throw of the railway station.

A. Within a certain radius
B. At a short distance *
C. Within a definite circumference
D. Very far off

2820. My mother is in raptures over her new stove.

A. Very enthusiastic *
B. Working vigorously
C. Completely dissatisfied with.
D. Extremely angry