2841. A movement for the world unity is in the offing.

A. At the end
B. About to start *
C. On decline
D. In the air

2842. He has designs on that young girl

A. Wants to rape *
B. Desires to be alone with
C. Wants to cheat
D. Wants to be intimate with.

2843. The captain played with detemination because the honour of the team was at stake.

A. Inevitable
B. At the top
C. Necessary
D. In danger *

2844. He is a queer fish, I Have failed to understand him

A. Funny person
B. Sensitive person
C. Strange person *
D. Quarrelsome person

2845. Childhood and innocence lie cheek by jowl.

A. Toghether
B. One after another
C. Side by side *
D. Proportionately

2846. He is really a broken reed.

A. A frustrated man *
B. An unsuccessful person
C. Undependable
D. One who has lost in business

2847. No carring for the family, Rashid want to gather roses only.

A. Wanted to paint a rosy picture of the past.
B. Wanted to start business of roses.
C. Wanted to seek all the enjoyments of life *
D. Desired to attain fame by hard work.

2848. He knew she was dead but was completely at sea about the cause of her death.

A. Anxious
B. Confused *
C. Ignorant
D. Cetain

2849. His most trusted friend proved to be a snake in the grass.

A. Cowardly and brutal
B. An unreliable and deceitful person
C. A hidden enemy *
D. Low and mean

2850. It was after a long time that the police was able to lay the thief by the heels.

A. Run fast after
B. Play tricks on
C. Chase and capture
D. Arrest *