891. Which parts of speech shows the relationship of noun or pronoun with the rest of the sentence?
A. Preposition
B. Conjunction
C. Adverb
D. Interjection

892. She’s angry ______ you.
A. On
B. For
C. With
D. To

893. His office is always in apple-pie order. What does the idiom/phrase “apple-pie order” means?
A. Neat & tidy
B. Disordered
C. Mismanaged
D. Ornamental

894. there is a limit________ everything in life
A. to
B. on
C. in
D. with

895. Antonym of “Lenient” is _____________?
A. easy-going
B. long-suffering
C. Strict
D. Liberal
E. Moderate

896. I’m ______ pleased with it.
A. Much
B. Very
C. Too
D. None

897. ___________ you work very hard, you cannot pass. (KPPSC 2018 paper)
A. Unless
B. Until
C. While
D. As if

898. Antonym of ” Pessimistic ” is _____________?
A. Devoted
B. Cheat
C. Despondent
D. Hopeful
E. Defeatist

899. Pronoun is used to avoid unnecessary repetition of ____________ in a sentence?
A. Verb
B. Adjective
C. Noun
D. Preposition

900. Which parts of speech describes where, when and how an action happens?
A. Adjective
B. Conjunction
C. Verb
D. Adverb
E. Preposition