2851. None of this hanky-panky; please talk staright.

A. Indifference
B. Jugglery *
C. Diversification
D. Obsession.

2852. The New C.M stuck his neck out today and promised 10kgs. free wheat a month for all rural families.

A. Extended help
B. Took an oath
C. Caused embarrassment
D. Took a risk *

2853. The involvment of teachers in the scheme of education proves to be a mare’s nest.

A. False invention *
B. A noble thing
C. Successful idea
D. A timely step

2854. I want none of your back-chat.

A. Impertinent remarks *
B. Complaints
C. Trenchant criticism
D. Pleasing remarks

2855. We must always bear in mind that only hard work leads to success.

A. Understand
B. Remember *
C. Forget
D. think

2856. He was bron with a silver spoon in his mouth.

A. Born in a royal family
B. Born in a middle class family
C. Born in a family of nationalists
D. Born in a wealthy family *

2857. There was a job for me to cut my teeth on.

A. To try
B. To gain experience *
C. To sharpen my wits
D. To earn a decent salary

2858.In spite of his poverty, he believed in keeping up appearance.

A. Showing indifference
B. Maintaining outward show *
C. Showing good manners
D. Revealing the truth

2859. It is evident from the mnister’s statment that heads will roll.

A. Government will change
B. Transfers will take place
C. Dismissals will occur *
D. Heads of department will have to repent.

2860. He has such a nature that he must have a finger in every pie.

A. Do things with his own hands
B. Help everyone in need
C. Meddle in every affairs *
D. Dominate everybody else.