1521. Untoward

A. Unfortunate *
B. Untenable
C. Irrelavant
D. neutral

1522. Upbraid

A. Promote
B. Criticize *
C. To Congratulate
D. Up-to-date

1523. Utmost

A. limited
B. Parallel
C. Maximum *
D. Distant

1524. Vacuous

A. Selfish
B. Spacious
C. Empty *
D. Intelligent

1525. Vain

A. Significant
B. Proud *
C. Compromising
D. Stupid

1526. Valor

A. Stubbornness
B. Strenght
C. Great Courage *
D. Pride

1527. Vanity

A. Weakness
B. Pride *
C. Selfish
D. Introvert

1528. Venerate

A. Respect *
B. Criticize
C. Appreciate
D. Discriminate

1529. Veracity

A. Thoughtfulness
B. Truth *
C. Diversification
D. Precision

1530. Verdant

A. Pervasive
B. Fresh and Green *
C. Strong
D. Pessimist