2681. Castles in the air

A. Romantic designs
B. Perfect plans
C. Faciful schemes
D. Visionary projects *

2682. To have brush with

A. To start paintaing
B. To have good and pleasing terms
C. To be impressed
D. To have a slight encounter *

2683. To lose face

A. To look angry
B. To be humiliated *
C. To be helpless
D. To look vacant

2684. To turn the other cheek

A. To sulk and suffer
B. To respond to violence with violence
C. To respond to violence with non violence *
D. To be indifferent to peace overtures

2685. To pull one’s socks up

A. To prepare
B. To try hard *
C. To get ready
D. To depart

2686. To bite ones lips

A. To be angry *
B. To feel sorry
C. To have doubt
D. To laugh at others

2687. With and ace of

A. Within one’s reach
B. Very near
C. Within the hitting range
D. Narrowly *

2688. Dog in the manager

A. An Undersized bull almost the shape of a dog
B. A dog that has no keenel of its own
C. A person who puts himself in difficulties on account of other people
D. A person who prevents others from enjoying something useless to himself *

2689. To blow hot and cold

A. Changing weather
B. To be untrustworthy
C. To be inconsistent *
D. To be rich and poor frequently

2690. To set the people by ears.

A. To box the people
B. To insult and disgrace the people
C. To punish heavily
D. To excite people to a quarrel *