3081. Danial Qureshi is the captain whom __________.

A. We was looking for
B. We were looking for *
C. We were doing well
D. We can see you

3082. If we live a life of ___________ we would be burdened with loans our entire life :

A. Pomp and grow
B. Pomp and slow
C. Pomp and rich
D. Pomp and show *

3083. The Ulysses, ________, Is a novel set in old age london:

A. Which by James Joyce
B. Which was written by James Joyce*
C. Was written by James Joyce
D. James joyce being the one who wrote it

3084. Our sensory system is designed in such a manner as to ________ specific stimuli and after a focus is achieved other sensory data is :

A. Look for, Heightened
B. Respond to, Insulated
C. Concentrate on, Discounted *
D. Favor, Added up

3085. When Andy Murray lost the game , he was :

A. Very sad and angry *
B. Sad and Neat
C. Good and clean way
D. None of these

3086. After having met the priest , the ______ was transformed into a noble man:

A. Rich man
B. Robber
C. Bad Man *
D. None of these

3087. The standard books ___________ for the students with these new funds :

A. Will have purchased
B. Wil purchase
C. Will be purchased *
D. Purchased

3088. The _________ of 9/11 could have been avoided if more safety _______ had been taken :

A. Tragedy, Precautions *
B. Embargo, Preserves
C. Disaster, Reservations
D. Crew, Measures

3089. Biologists have found a way to __________, a frog is more likely to be smooth and wet, and a toad rough and dry :

A. Distinguish among a frog and a toad
B. Distinguish a frog and a toad
C. Between a frog and a toad
D. Recognize a frog and a frog *

3090. Forensic science is based on the premise that one’s fingerprints are __________.

A. Distinct from any other person’s *
B. Different from any other person
C. Different any other person
D. Differs from another person