251. Synonym of Acerbity?

A. Tartness
B. Astringency
C. Sourness
D. All of these

252. Synonym of Accost?

A. Solicit
B. Confront
C. Both a&b
D. Scorn

253. Synonym of Accessible?

A. Available
B. Susceptible
C. Unrestricted
D. All of these

254. Synonyms of Abstruse?

A. Recondite
B. Intricate
C. Obscure
D. All of these

255. Synonym of Abstinence?

A. Abstemious
B. Sobriety
C. Temperance
D. All of these

256. If________the match,I will go to “KPK (Peshawar) to meet the sports board chairperson.

A. I will win
B. I win
C. I wins
D. I shall win

257. The Government ruled by Women is called?

A. Petticoat government
B. Corporatocracy
C. Patriarchy
D. None of these

258. the killing of one’s mother called________?

A. Matricide
B. parricide
C. regicide
D. patricide

259 .Antonym of ARCHETYPE is _____________?

A. Origin
B. Copy
C. Generous
D. Factory

260 .Antonym of Abridge is _____________?

A. Subdue
B. Augment
C. Encourage
D. Elaborate