591. The flight stewardess the passenger _____________.
A. when to start travelling
B. where to land the plane
C. how to fasten the seat belt
D. how to judge the altitude of the plane

592. I ____________a single word he says
A. not believe
B. don’t believe
C. am not believing
D. will not believe

593. She made her stepson her _______to her large fortune.
A. hare
B. heir
C. hair
D. here

594. The girl ran ___________the field when she saw her father after long time.
A. in
B. across
C. on
D. along

595. The Paralympics is a competition for the ______________.
A. disadvantaged
B. discouraged
C. disabled
D. despised

596. He has _________ his mind to Join Pak Army.
A. make by
B. made with
C. made by
D. made up

597. The farmers ____________their farms, if they had known that a thunderstorm was approaching.
A. will leave
B. would leave
C. will have left
D. would have left

598. I promise to ___________you in all circumstances.
A. stand up to
B. stand with
C. stand off
D. stand by

599. The problem ____________a lot of thought.
A. calls for
B. comes across
C. calls on
D. comes into

600. Do you prefer___________ or traditional art forms?
A. archaic
B. contemporary
C. foreign
D. simultaneous