Words Followed by appropriate preposition

2211. I wish you’d stop listening ____to my private conversations.

A. in *
B. on
C. upon
D. over

2212. You have lost all your money; now you must learn to live _____the situation.

A. into
B. in
C. for
D. with *

2213. We can not live ______our moral pretension.

A. upto *
B. into
C. upon
D. onto

2214. A formal complaint is being lodged ______ the police inspector.

A. to
B. with *
C. on
D. upon

2215. It is a bleak look ________ for anyone hoping for quick profit.

A. on
B. in
C. out *
D. into

2216. Her letters betray a desperate desire not to lose touch_____ her beloved.

A. in
B. from
C. to
D. with *

2217. I have heard many stories of bright young research workers being lured ______ only to find their position change for the work.

A. out
B. from
C. away *
D. around

2218. She was marked ____by a fiery temper and a strain of intolerance.

A. of *
B. off
C. in
D. into

2219. He was keen enough , But the simply did not match ______ the demands of the job.

A. into
B. upto *
C. from
D. for

2220. Some body has been meddling _______- the photographs I laid down so carefully .

A. from
B. up *
C. to
D. up to