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Verbal/English MCQS and Quiz Test for Preparation

1Fill in the blanks McqsFill in the blanks Quiz
2Related Pair of Words McqsRelated Pair of Words Quiz
3Synonyms McqsSynonyms Quiz
4Antonyms McqsAntonyms Quiz
5One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
6One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
7Active and Passive Voice McqsActive and Passive Voice Quiz
8Prepositions McqsPrepositions Quiz
9Analytical Reasoning McqsAnalytical Reasoning Quiz
10Read the Passage McqsRead the Passage Quiz

191. Something that is liable to be easily broken is known as ________?

A. Brittle
B. Resilient
C. Flexible
D. None of the above

192. A letter which is not claimed by anybody is known as _______?

A. Dead Letter
B. Adjustment Letter
C. Complaint Letter
D. Acknowledgment Letter

193. The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own is known as ____________?

A. Cuckold
B. Despotism
C. Plagiarism
D. Epicure

194. A person who talks in his/her sleep is known as ___________?

A. Bourgeois
B. Insomnist
C. ventriloquist
D. Somniloquist

195. secretly listening to a conversation is called ________?

A. Eavesdrop
B. Overhearing
C. Pigeonholing
D. Spying

196. A disease that is liable to be transmitted to people through the environment is known as ___________?

A. Contagious
B. Infectious
C. Fatal
D. Incurable

197. A disease spreading from one person or organism to another by contact is known as ________?

A. Contagious
B. Infectious
C. Unanimous
D. Fatal

198. Something that is hard but liable to break easily is known as _______?

A. Brittle
B. Flexible
C. Resilient
D. Supple

199. A person fluent in two languages is known as _________?

A. Bilingual
B. Bigot
C. Bigamy
D. Brittle

200. The action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats is known as _________?

A. Coercion
B. Conviction
C. Confession
D. Cajolement