671. Antonym of Facetious is _____________?
A. Teasing
B. Serious
C. Tongue-in-check
D. Copy

672. To play fast and loose ___________?
A. To beguile others
B. To be winning sometimes and losing at other
C. To play with someone’s feeling
D. To play tricks

673. One who eats everything_________?
A. Insolvent
B. Irrestible
C. Omnivorous
D. Omniscient

674. Fear of disease__________?
A. Ochlophobia
B. Paedophobia
C. Pathophobia
D. Peniophobia

675. Extreme fear about beauty___________?
A. Claustrophobia
B. Cynophobia
C. Cellophobia
D. Chronophobia

676. The art of making fireworks is called________?
A. Chromatics
B. Cosmogony
C. Cosmography
D. Cosmology

677. Fear of death __________?
A. Toxicophobia
B. Theophobia
C. Scelerophobia
D. Thanatophobia

678. Fear of darkness ______________?
A. Nyctophobia
B. Ophthalmophobia
C. Magalomania
D. Mysophobia

679. My Uncle has ______to spain and returned back.
A. gone
B. went
C. been
D. being

680. jOHN, who has been nervous and jumpy lately, suddenly burst ________ tears.
A. into
B. in
C. on
D. with