3021. Some historians that if hitler had not invaded russia, he ___________ the rest of the world.

A. Had conquer
B. Would conquer
C. Would have conquered *
D. Conquered

3022. Businessmen know that incentives _______ to increase our productivity:

A. Make us want *
B. Make us to want
C. Making us want
D. makes us wanting

3023. Since more than 80 percent of all polio patients manage to get vaccinations, only about 20% children must_______ with polio

A. Grow up *
B. To grow up
C. Growing up
D. Have grown up

3024. Just like humans ,animals also need a dentist their teeth __________.

A. To fill *
B. Filled
C. Filling
D. To be filled

3025. If services are increased ,automatically taxes __________.

A. Will probably go up *
B. Probably go
C. Probably up
D. Going up probably

3026. We observed over the years that people with little or no technical background _________ to understand sign language

A. Learn
B. Learning
C. Learned *
D. Learns

3027. Xenon__________ as a cooling agent because it is highly non-reactive .

A. Used
B. Is used
C. Is using *
D. That it uses

3028. For chemists, an important characteristic of radioisotopes is that _________ decaying occurs in half lives.

A. They
B. Them
C. They are
D. Their *

3029. When you heat water to 212 degree F______ as steam.

A. It will boil and escape *
B. It is boiling and escaping
C. It boil and escape
D. It would boil and escape

3030. It is necessary _______ the approaches to an intersection, the road designs, and the signals in such a way as to be accomodate the expected traffic flow.

A. Plan
B. To plan *
C. Planning
D. The plan