3181. _____ Should look into the matter :

A. I and You
B. Farid and You
C. I and Farid
D. You and I *

3182. The dog is wagging ________ tail :

A. It’s
B. His
C. Its *
D. One’s

3183. Which one is correct ?

A. One ought to deal with one’s wellbeing
B. One ought to deal with one wellbeing
C. One should take of one’s health *
D. One ought to deal with one’s wellbeing

3184. The politicians ________ make tall claims are widely distrusted :

A. Which
B. Who *
C. Whose
D. Whom

3185. I know the place _______ you mentioned :

A. Who
B. Which *
C. Whose
D. Whom

3186. These shoes are no good ______ let in water :

A. It
B. They *
C. She
D. Those

3187. My grandmother is always talking about the good old days. Her favourite saying is __________ were the days :

A. This
B. That
C. Those *
D. These

3188. This is her house. The house is ________:

A. Hers *
B. Her
C. She
D. Her’s

3189. The gift is for _______ very dear to me :

A. Someone *
B. Somebody
C. Anybody
D. Everybody

3190. We had an unexpected quest._____ Obama:

A. It was *
B. He was
C. It is
D. He is