Fill in the Blanks

2281. You must apply____ the judge for pardon.

A. to *
B. with
C. upon
D. over

2282. I insisted _____my fee paid.

A. to have
B. on having *
C. to having
D. in having

2283. I am intent_________.

A. to win
B. of winning
C. on winning *
D. for winning

2284. Death is preferable ____dishonour.

A. than
B. to *
C. from
D. of

2285. The officer waited until the clerks ______busily.

A. worked
B. were working *
C. had worked
D. are working

2286. IF I _____ worked hard , I would have passed.

A. would have
B. had *
C. should have
D. have

2287. You_______respect your parent and teacher.

A. Should *
B. would
C. should have
D. would have

2288. The child______crying for three hours.

A. is
B. has
C. has been *
D. have been

2289. If I _____more time, I would have checked my paper again.

A. had
B. have
C. had had *
D. have had

2290. we _______friends since we were children.

A. had been
B. have been *
C. are
D. were