2641. To take people by storm

A. To put people in utter surprise.
B. To Captivate them undexpectedly *
C. To Exploit people’s agitation.
D. To bring out something sensational.

2642. To spill the beans.

A. To reveal secret information *
B. To misbehave
C. To keep secrets
D. To Talk irrelevant

2643. To bring one’s eggs to a bad market.

A. To face a humiliating situation.
B. To bring one’s commodities to a market where there is no demand for them
C. To show one’s talents before audience
D. To fail in one’s plans because one goes to the wrong people for help *

2644. To hit below the belt

A. To work confidentially
B. To harm unfairly *
C. To strike at the exact position
D. To hit the correct mark.

2645. To get cold feet.

A. To run for life.
B. To be afraid *
C. To fall sick
D. To become discourteous

2646. To take a leap in the dark

A. To take risk
B. To hazard one self
C. To do a task secretly
D. To do a hazardous thing without any idea of the result *

2647. To give/get the bird.

A. To get the awaited
B. To have good luck
C. To send away *
D. To get the impossible

2648. To be aat daggers drawn

A. To be frightened
B. To be ready to face danger
C. To threaten one
D. To be bitter enemy *

2649. To turn up one’s nose at a thing

A. To show eagerness to have something
B. To show indifference
C. To treat it with contemptuous dislike or disgust *
D. To start to grapple with it.

2650. To save one’s face.

A. To hide oneself
B. To oppose
C. To evade disgrace *
D. To say plainly