2861. He burn his fingers by interfering in his neighbour’s affairs.

A. Got rebuked
B. Got himself insulted
C. Burnt himself
D. Got himself into trouble *

2862. The present syllabus leaves very little elbowroom for teachers to be innovative.

A. Cause
B. Possibility
C. Freedom *
D. Neccessity

2863. Most of the present day politicians have an axe to grind

A. Have promises to fulfil
B. Have obstacles to face
C. Have personal end to serve *
D. None of these

2864. When the police came. The thieves took to their heels.

A. Were taken by surprise
B. Took to flight *
C. Took shelter in a tall building
D. Unconditionally surrendered

2865. The sworn enemies have decided to bury the hatchet.

A. To help each other
B. To avoid each other
C. To make peace *
D. To become partners

2866. He is a strange fellow. It is very difficult to deal with him, it seems that he has a bee in his bonnet.

A. An achievement to be proud of
B. An obsession about something *
C. To face problems as a result of his senseless action
D. Peculiar habit of confusing others.

2867. The politician was able to sway the mob with his gift of the gab.

A. Fluency of speech *
B. Flattering words
C. Abundance of promises
D. Political foresight

2868. Honesty is at a discount, where corruption is the rule.

A. Discouraged
B. Rare
C. Undervalued
D. Unknown

2869. Ashraf can turn his hand to anything.

A. Refuse to do
B. Adapt himself to *
C. Take advantage of
D. Find fault with

2870. The speaker gave a bird’s eye view of the political conditions in the country.

A. A detailed presentation
B. A biased view
C. A general view *
D. A personal view.