201. A composition which bears no name of the writer is known as _________?

A. Anonymous
B. Identified
C. Signed
D. Apostate

202. Is this is the bus, ______ goes to the Sadar Bazar?

A. that
B. who
C. which
D. To arrive

203. He bought a three ___________ suit.

A. Hundred-Dollars
B. Hundreds-Dollar
C. Hundred-Dollar
D. Hundreds-Dollars

204. The idiom “To bury the hatchet” mean?

A. To make peace
B. To make a foolish choice
C. To make a wrong decision
D. To lose something

205. Antonym of ATTRACT is _____________?

A. Repel
B. Demote
C. Expel
D. None of these

206. Antonym of ADAPT is _____________?

A. Applaud
B. Unfit
C. Approve
D. None of these

207. Antonym of APATHY is _____________?

A. Sleep
B. Conclude
C. Zeal
D. None of these

208. Complete the idiom “Hell hath no fury like a___________?

A. A women scorned.
B. A burned women
C. A women forgotten
D. A devil’s advocate

209. Foreign phrase ” De Jure” means?

A. By Law
B. Successful
C. Illegal
D. Compromising

210. Idiom ” To make amend for” means___________?

A. Make possible effort
B. To compensate for damage
C. To bring chance in something
D. None of these

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