Academic Task brings English Grammar and Vocabulary Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). This section contains the latest English MCQs for the preparation of competitive exams and entrance test for FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, ETEA, IBA, and other tests. Here you will find questions & answers with detailed explanations. English MCQs include Idioms & Phrases, Sentence Correction MCQs, Synonyms MCQs, Antonyms MCQs, Prepositions MCQs, Analytical Reasoning Mcqs Active & Passive Voice MCQs, Direct & Indirect MCQs.

Verbal/English MCQS and Quiz Test for Preparation

1Fill in the blanks McqsFill in the blanks Quiz
2Related Pair of Words McqsRelated Pair of Words Quiz
3Synonyms McqsSynonyms Quiz
4Antonyms McqsAntonyms Quiz
5One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
6One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
7Active and Passive Voice McqsActive and Passive Voice Quiz
8Prepositions McqsPrepositions Quiz
9Analytical Reasoning McqsAnalytical Reasoning Quiz
10Read the Passage McqsRead the Passage Quiz

201. A composition which bears no name of the writer is known as _________?

A. Anonymous
B. Identified
C. Signed
D. Apostate

202. Is this is the bus, ______ goes to the Sadar Bazar?

A. that
B. who
C. which
D. To arrive

203. He bought a three ___________ suit.

A. Hundred-Dollars
B. Hundreds-Dollar
C. Hundred-Dollar
D. Hundreds-Dollars

204. The idiom “To bury the hatchet” mean?

A. To make peace
B. To make a foolish choice
C. To make a wrong decision
D. To lose something

205. Antonym of ATTRACT is _____________?

A. Repel
B. Demote
C. Expel
D. None of these

206. Antonym of ADAPT is _____________?

A. Applaud
B. Unfit
C. Approve
D. None of these

207. Antonym of APATHY is _____________?

A. Sleep
B. Conclude
C. Zeal
D. None of these

208. Complete the idiom “Hell hath no fury like a___________?

A. A women scorned.
B. A burned women
C. A women forgotten
D. A devil’s advocate

209. Foreign phrase ” De Jure” means?

A. By Law
B. Successful
C. Illegal
D. Compromising

210. Idiom ” To make amend for” means___________?

A. Make possible effort
B. To compensate for damage
C. To bring chance in something
D. None of these