2791. In almost every party, my friend tries to rule the roost.

A. To make friends
B. To domineer *
C. To remain aloof
D. To become popular

2792. We have to keep our fingers crossed till the final result is declared.

A. Keep praying
B. Feel suspicious
C. Wait expectantly *
D. Feel scared

2793. The members of the group were at odds over the seclection procedure.

A. Acting foolishly
B. In dispute *
C. Unanimous
D. Behaving childishly

2794. The young heir to his father’s huge estate made ducks and drakes of his patrimony.

A. Made best use of
B. Took stock of
C. Squandered lavisly *
D. Invested wisely

2795. There is no love lost between the two neigbours .

A. Close friendship
B. Intense dislike *
C. A love-hate relationship
D. Cool indifference

2796. He rides the high horse because of his high connection

A. Is famous
B. Talks flatteringly
C. Puts on airs *
D. Is prosperous

2797. Whenever I meet him he pulls a long face

A. Looks angry
B. Looks cheerful
C. Looks gloomy
D. Looks indifferent

2798. The speakers observations on the subject were beside the mark.

A. Correct
B. Exaggerate
C. In correct
D. Irrelevant *

2799. In Parliament , every member can leave the floor with permission of the speaker.

A. Leave the house
B. Make a speech
C. Raise an issue *
D. Speak against his own party

2800. The chief minister had the inspector-general of police to fill him in on the behaviour of the arrested terrorists.

A. Probe into the cases against the terrorists.
B. Take action against the terrorists
C. Inform him about the terrorists *
D. None of these