401. Maldives is a country ________ thousands of islands, and it is ________ most dispersed country.
(A) made of, a
(B) made of, the
(C) made up of, a
(D) made up of, the


402.  You need to write your mobile number, while home address is ________.
(A) option
(B) options
(C) optional
(D) optionals

403.  The problem is not _______ to one of internal.
(A) reduce
(B) reducible
(C) reliable
(D) reduction

404.  She is not willing to reveal the identity of her ________.
(A) inform
(B) informant
(C) informal
(D) information

405. Employs in this department always ________ close relations with each other.
(A) maintain
(B) maintains
(C) maintained
(D) maintenance

406.  Emma is older ________ Alice, while Jolie is ________ oldest.
(A) than, an
(B) from, the
(C) then, the
(D) than, the

407.  I can’t walk anymore, I’m ________ tired.
(A) too
(B) so
(C) such
(D) so such

408. Antonym of CURTAIL is _____________?
A. Cramp
B. Prolong
C. Chop
D. Clip

409. Antonym of DEXTEROUS is _____________?
A. Inexpert
B. Acute
C. Active
D. Able

410.Antonym of DOCILE is _____________?
A. Pliable
B. Pliant
C. Quiet
D. Unyielding