Fill in the BlanksĀ 

3251. __________ migrate from north to south in winters, is well known among the scientific community :

A. That it is birds
B. That birds *
C. Birds that
D. It is that birds

3252. The average elevation of the buildings in New York is thirty stories, and Empire state building ___ to more than one hundred stories :

A. Raises
B. Rises *
C. Roses
D. Arises

3253. A satellite is made to orbit the earth at the same speech that the earth revolves ___________________ over a fixed point on the surface :

A. So it can remain
B. So that it can remain *
C. It can remain
D. So can remain

3254. Hybrid varieties have one more ________ per plant as compared to other plants of the same genus :

A. Corns
B. Ear of corn *
C. Corn ears
D. Corn’s ear

3255. Science has found the most precise way __________ the age of artifacts; it is based on the radioactivity of certain minerals :

A. For to determine
B. For determine
C. For determining *
D. To determining

3256. I had barely made it to the door __________:

A. That is started raining
B. Then it started raining
C. When it started raining *
D. And it started raining

3257. When your body doesn’t get _______, it becomes lethargic and cannot perform optimally :

A. Enough food *
B. Food as enough
C. Food Enoughly
D. Enough the food

3258. According to the latest figures , the total production of cotton bales in pakistan is __________ all other crops combined :

A. More as
B. More than that of*
C. More of
D. More that

3259. The definition of “watts” or “Kilo-watts” are ___________ for most electric work:

A. Accurate as enough
B. Enough accurate
C. Accurate enough *
D. As accurate enough

3260. Some festivals is our city are annuals;_________ are biennials; the rest are perennials:

A. Some another
B. Another
C. Others *
D. Other