361. For good health, she ________ bed earlier.
(A) should go
(B) should go to
(C) should goes
(D) should goes to

362. If you have time, you ________ the nature museum.
(A) should visit
(B) should visited
(C) have to visit
(D) would visit

363. It is our problem, not ________.
(A) their
(B) theirs
(C) there
(D) there’s

364. The number of guests at the party ________ amazing.
(A) was
(B) were
(C) had
(D) have had


365. ________ 600 and 800 B.C, Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.
(A) During
(B) Until
(C) Unless
(D) Between

366. She ________ the driving test to get a license.
(A) should pass
(B) should has passed
(C) has to pass
(D) have to pass

367. As there were no buses, she ________ home last night.
(A) has to walk
(B) has to walked
(C) had to walk
(D) had to walked


368.  ________ these books belong to?
(A) Who do
(B) Who does
(C) Whom do
(D) Whom does

369. If John ________ earlier, he would always be on time.
(A) get up
(B) got up
(C) had get up
(D) had got up

370. Jolie ________ a book yesterday.
(A) had read
(B) readed
(C) red
(D) read