Fill in the blanks

2991. Lou is a(n) _____of more parks and open spaces.

A. Multitude
B. Elixir
C. Proponent *
D. Juxtaposition

2992. Man’s fate is _______.

A. Ineluctable *
B. Norm
C. Stratification
D. Spatulated

2993. Maria’s ______failed her when mario told such a humorous joke that she spit out her drink while laughing.

A. Ostracize
B. Decorum *
C. Immutable
D. Conventional

2994. Mark carrier a(n)________ to school everyday but i have never seen him open it. I wonder what he has in it.

A. Voila
B. Hue
C. Portfolio *
D. Alfrsco

2995. Azam can be stubborn and refuse to _____ from a plan even when it doesn’t make sense to continue.

A. Surreal
B. Taboo
C. Deviate *
D. Sequential

2996. Some____ never hesitate indulging in anti-social activities.

A. Beat the air
B. A brazen face (shameless) *
C. A long face
D. Jonah’s ground

2997. It is always foolish to ____ when there is no evident sign of alarm.

A. Laugh in one’s leave
B. to cry wolf(to raise a fales alarm) *
C. leave in the lurch
D. look askance

2998. They agreed to _______ and not to refer to the incident again .

A. Let bygones be bygones (To forgive and forget past injuries) *
B. Play second fiddle
C. Pull out
D. Nip in the bud

2999. We should not ______ of the struggles of life.

A. swallow the bait
B. Strike the keynote
C. Tremble in the balance of
D. Fight shy (Avoid) *

3000. Some clerks are in the habit of enjoying _____ on very flimsy grouds.

A. Child’s play
B. Curry favour
C. Creature comfort
D. French leaves *