461. Synonym of WARY is _____________?
A. Heedless
B. Negligent
C. Prudent
D. Reckless

462. Synonym of VAGRANT is _____________?
A. Roving
B. Stable
C. Honoured
D. Stubborn

463. Synonym of VALOUR is _____________?
A. Stable
B. Coward
C. Heroism
D. Fear

464. Synonym of YOKE is _____________?
A. Detach
B. Harness
C. Release
D. Liberate

465. Synonym of YELL is _____________?
A. Shackle
B. Hitch
C. Whisper
D. Shout

466. Synonym of YEARN is _____________?
A. Require
B. Extra
C. Unwanted
D. Muted

467. Synonym of ZEST is _____________?
A. Passive
B. Enthusiasm
C. Disgust
D. Various

468. Synonym of ZEALOT is _____________?
A. Fanatic
B. Apathy
C. Liberal
D. Impious

469. Synonym of EXUDE is _____________?
A. Ooze
B. Overflow
C. Wither
D. Evaporate

470. Synonym of PREVARICATE is _____________?
A. Truth
B. Early
C. Lie
D. Delay

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