231. Synonym of Abrogate?

A. Revoke
B. Rescind
C. Repeal
D. All of above

232. Synonym of Abjure?

A. Disavow
B. Renounce
C. Both a&b
D. Espouse

233. Synonym of Aberrant?

A. Devious
B. Divergent
C. Steadfast
D. Both a&b

234. Synonym of Abate?

A. Diminish
B. Halt
C. Decline
D. All of above

235. Idiom ” To make amend for” means___________?

A. Make possible effort
B. To compensate for damage
C. To bring chance in something
D. None of these

236. Synonym of Abstemious?

A. Abstinent
B. Temperate
C. Moderate
D. All of above

237. Synonym of Absolve?

A. Exculpate
B. Exonerate
C. Both a&b
D. Execute

238. Antonym of Addendum?

A. Detriment
B. Lessening
C. Subtraction
D. All of above

239. Antonym of Acerbity?

A. Sweetness
B. Mellowness
C. Mildness
D. All of these

240. Antonym of Accost?

A. Avoid
B. Neglect
C. Scorn
D. All of these