Fill in the Blanks

2301. I would like to have the newspaper as soon as ________.

A. finished
B. are finish
C. will finish
D. have finished *

2302. He was quite able ______after himself.

A. to looking
B. for looking
C. to look *
D. of looking

2303. Her fears were first _____when her son did not come here.

A. arise
B. arisen
C. arouse
D. aroused *

2304. I ______ him for a long time.

A. am not met
B. did not meet
C. do not meet
D. have not meet *

2305. He______ satisfactory progress in the school.

A. makes
B. has made *
C. had made
D. have made

2306. He was ______ a member of assembly.

A. formerly *
B. formality
C. lastly
D. old

2307. That new law went into _______last month.

A. affect
B. effect *
C. action
D. selection

2308. The______ from the mountain is dangerous.

A. decent
B. descent *
C. ascent
D. jump

2309. The_____ of the rocket was so swift that it was out of sight in a few seconds.

A. assent
B. ascent *
C. descent
D. jump

2310. Thermometer is a ______ to measure one’s temperature.

A. Philosophy
B. Conviction
C. Device *
D. Tendency