Fill in the BlanksĀ 

3261. __________ planet from the sun, Mars has longer year than that of Earth:

A. The fourth *
B. The Four
C. Four
D. Fourth

3262. Bata Shoes are ________ they have become the most popular choice for kids these days :

A. So Versatile and durable that *
B. So Versatile and durable than
C. Such versatile and durable as
D. Such versatile and durable

3263. The minute bacteria are actually _________ small to be seen by the naked eye :

A. So
B. Too *
C. Much
D. Such

3264. Many people show anger ____________ in hot weather conditions :

A. More quick
B. More quickly *
C. Quicklier
D. As quickly more

3265. Water is _______ that even in normal form it contains dissolved materials in some amount :

A. Such an excellent solvent *
B. Such excellent solvent
C. Such a excellent solvents
D. A such excellent solvents

3266. Over the years, research has shown that some damage to tissues may result _________ them to frequent X-rays :

A. The exposing
B. From Exposure
C. From Exposing *
D. Expose

3267. First you have to put in a lot of effort, only then ____________:

A. You will have to do position
B. You should must got position
C. You will get good position *
D. You are good position

3268. _______ Apricots are grown in south waziristan :

A. Best
B. The most good
C. The best *
D. The Better

3269. Ali told Babar just this morning that he was __________ a good job :

A. Do
B. Doing *
C. Went
D. Get

3270. Since the final project is due next week __________:

A. We should try to good marks
B. We would try to pass it
C. We should burn the midnight oil *
D. None of the above