991. He was upbraided _______ his slovenly appearance?
A. of
B. for
C. with
D. to
E. from

992. Antonym of ” Meticulous ” is _____________?
A. Fussy
B. Painstaking
C. Scrupulous
D. Sloppy
E. Conscientious

993. Synonym of ” Blush ” is _____________?
A. Negotiate
B. Detain
C. Redden
D. Inter
E. Taunt

994. Antonym of ” Sloppy ” is _____________?
A. Careful
B. Slapdash
C. Haphazard
D. Slovenly
E. Heedless

995. I saw the horse jump ______ the fence.
A. Behind
B. On
C. Over
D. To

996. I found my car keys ______ my pocket.
A. On
B. In
C. At
D. From

997. I purchased a cupboard ________ my new house.
A. To
B. at
C. Until
D. For

998. He served as _______ MNA between 2015 to 2018?
A. the
B. a
C. an
D. none

999. Taylor informed that all of the PAT members _______ soon take back their nomination forms?
A. may
B. will
C. would
D. shall
E. none

1000. Synonym of Sumptuous is _____________?
A. Swampy
B. Irritable
C. Meager
D. Splendid