441. The opposing force between the molecular particles inside a star is called
A. general relativity
B. the exclusion principle
C. infinite density
D. a singularity

442. . The word “offset” could best be replaced by
A. carry
B. arrange
C. overflow
D. counteract

443. It can be concluded from paragraph 3 that light
A. destroys a black hole
B. can barely reveal a black hole
C. does not exist near a black hole
D. originates in spacetime

444. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the possible fate of an astronaut who falls into a black hole?
A. Experience of amusement
B. Death by gamma rays
C. Knowledge of the universe
D. Destruction by gravity

445. It can be inferred from the passage that black holes are
A. soon to be located and studied
B. a scientific impossibility
C. the key to the entire future of the universe
D. a source of inspiration and entertainment

A. motion: dynamics
B. water: hydroponics
C. data: statistics
D. music: eurythmics