151. My friend said,” I will meet you tomorrow.”

A. My friend said that he will meet me tomorrow.
B. My friend said that he would meet me the next day.
C. My friend said he would meet me tomorrow.
D. My friend said that he will meet me tomorrow.

152. Synonym of EAGER is __________ ?

A. Devoted
B. Clever
C. Curious
D. Enthusiastic

153. Antonym of REVEALED is __________ ?

A. Denied
B. Concealed
C. Ignored
D. Overlooked

154. Synonym of OBLIQUE is _____________?

A. Horizontal
B. Bore
C. Slanting
D. Disregard

155. When I was sleeping, she ________ playing the sitar .

A. Was
B. Must be
C. Were
D. Is

156. Can they go shopping with us ? Sorry, they are busy; I wish they ________ with you now?

A. Can go
B. Are going
C. Could go
D. Would go

157. When I listened to his cogent arguments, all my _________ were ________ and I was forced to agree with his point of view.

A. Senses- Stimulated
B. Doubt- Confirmed
C. Doubt- Dispelled
D. Questions- Asked

158. It is almost impossible at times to capture the _________ of words when we translate them into a foreign language.

A. Implications
B. Meanings
C. Denotations
D. Connotations

159. “Clique” means____________?

A. A group of animals
B. A group of birds
C. A group of people
D. None of above

160. “Prosaic” means__________?

A. Good
B. Dull
C. Beautiful
D. Non

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