Words Followed by appropriate preposition

2231. The line of action, if persisted _______ could lead to disaster.

A. into
B. from
C. in *
D. on

2232. She is not very quick at picking _________ the language.

A. with
B. on
C. up *
D. in

2233. After a day out in the field, they pitched ________ the food with a rare apetite.

A. onto
B. into *
C. upon
D. over

2234. Local businessmen pitched _____an offer of 1,00,000 $ to cover advertising cost.

A. in on
B. into
C. in with *
D. in for

2235. They are planning _____ a three-fold increase in student number.

A. for *
B. into
C. to
D. out

2236. Do you plan _____ staying with us for ever?

A. with
B. in
C. into
D. on *

2237. At this age, children enjoy playing _____ pirates of kings.

A. at *
B. on
C. into
D. onto

2238. The van broke through the bridge railing and plunged ____ twenty feet of water.

A. in
B. over
C. into *
D. upon

2239. What are you doing poking _____among my private papers.

A. about *
B. around
C. in
D. into

2240. He plunged _______ every debate organized by the society.

A. to
B. in
C. upon
D. into *