3101. Lands in the Thar region will _________ canal water soon:

A. Be irrigated with *
B. Have irrigated
C. Not good news
D. None of these

3102. The boxer __________his training there for a time and soon ______ the champion :

A. Continued, give
B. Continued for
C. Continued, became *
D. None of these

3103. The new and revised books we allow ___________ to read influence their learning :

A. A children
B. Our children *
C. Our child
D. Their child

3104. The cat usually _____ its teeth before a fight begins :

A. Cuts of
B. Sharpens *
C. Fast a away
D. None of these

3105. How much sugarcane ________ during the summer season ?

A. Will have been weighed *
B. Will been weighed
C. Have not been
D. None of these

3106. Some forms of mushrooms can be used as food _________ those grown in the fungal vales :

A. Such
B. Such as *
C. As
D. So

3107. ________ a governor, lahore has many city officials to take care of daily matters :

A. Beside
B. Besides *
C. And
D. Also

3108. Every bird___________ flamingoes, loves to eat more during the day time :

A. But *
B. That
C. Without
D. Not

3109. Why are the old toys __________ of the cupboard ?

A. Being taken out *
B. Take away
C. Are taking
D. None of these

3110. A commonality in both primitive societies ______________ advanced cultures is their belief in life after death :

A. Being taken out *
B. Take away
C. Are taking
D. None of these