631. Please ___________two colour passport photographs to the application form.
A. fix
B. link
C. hook up
D. attach

632. He shows great ability ________Mathematics.
A. at
B. for
C. about
D. in

633. The sparrows took no _________the bread.
A. notice of
B. notice about
C. notice from
D. notice to

634. The powers of the party are_____________in several places in the Constitution.
A. numbered
B. named
C. enumerated
D. counted

635. The teacher found many mistakes in my composition, when she went__________it.
A. into
B. about
C. for
D. through

636. The fireman managed to put ____________the fire.
A. away
B. down
C. out
D. off

637. A system is __________if it is easy for citizens to access and understand.
A. transparent
B. lucid
C. clear
D. translucent

638. Did the boys turn _________for football practice?
A. up
B. on
C. back
D. in

639.  Health__________labels have adorned cigarette packages since 1966 in USA.
A. information
B. note
C. message
D. warning

640. Some animals have unique___________that allow them to survive in extreme weather conditions.
A. characteristics
B. problems
C. feelings
D. conditions